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Saroya Strong is dedicated to elevating, educating and empowering BIPOC women in sport. By providing young women with a virtual space and community specified for women like them, it is my hope that they will grow and learn from not only myself, but one another. By coming together to form a community, the women will be provided with the guidance they need to succeed. Additionally, due to the lack of accessibility for BIPOC women in sport, my mentorship program will remain at no cost. However, donations will be accepted as your contributions will only help further these young women’s experience, by helping to provide them with things such as guest speaker appearances, training and equipment, as well as other meaningful resources. I take great pride in providing these young women with a community that uplifts and inspires them to be all that they have set out to be, and flourish as women of color in sport.


Thank You,

Saroya Tinker 

Who Are We
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