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Dayton O'Donoghue

Toronto, ON  |   Toronto Aeros Jr. PWHL

"Saroya Strong mentorship has been a game changer for me. It’s like that thing that you didn’t know you needed until you got it. 


As a competitive hockey player, there are so many things to navigate (training, ice sessions, nutrition, the road to university hockey, mindset etc.). Her one-on-one guidance and support gives me confidence in my skills and my value as an athlete. Every athlete has doubts at some point, so getting that reassurance from someone who has been there and knows the game, the industry and looks like me in terms of ethnicity, has seriously been invaluable in the short time that I have known her. She continuously checks in with her mentors and is there at a moments notice to truly listen to my concerns without judgment. She has always offered a helpful perspective that I hadn’t considered. 


Having this familiar, nonjudgmental community of accomplished black female hockey players to turn to, gives me a safe environment to talk about things my non-black teammates simply can’t relate to, like how our hair frizzes under the helmet or the lack diverse representation on the bench that could encourage other black girls to play the game.  


I truly believe that Saroya genuinely has my best interest at heart and wants me to succeed. She is always excited to use her resources to help: it’s an incredible feeling to have someone like her in my corner.  


 I can’t say enough about the valuable insights that the Saroya Strong Mentorship has offered me."


Teagan Gray

Burlington, ON  |   Burlington Jr. PWHL

"The Saroya strong mentorship means a lot to me. Firstly Saroya is a great mentor and someone who is helping the game of hockey be more inclusive for women and people of colour. Saroya is always there when I have question about recruiting or just need someone to talk to who understands my journey. In her mentorship program I was able to connect with other black female hockey players and share relatable experiences and create lasting relationships. In her mentorship program I also got to speak to all kinds of influential women in the game of hockey from Sarah Nurse to Blake Bolden. Finally she created and went through workout plans for me and some other girls who are hoping to follow in her footsteps by playing D1 hockey and/or team Canada".



Andrea Murray

Mississauga, ON  |   Brampton Jr. PWHL


"SaroyaStrong has been a really good outlet for me not only as a student-athlete but as a young black female. Through this mentorship program I’ve been able to improve my fitness through Saroya’s workout programs that are created for everyone. This program has also given great opportunities to comfortably share my personal experiences and future goals in a safe space with girls from all over North America. SaroyaStrong Mentorship has helped inspire me and many other young black girls to reach their potential through guest speakers who share there experiences and tips."


Scarborough, ON  |   SHA

"I met Saroya last summer and she is my mentor. I didn’t really know at the time what that meant but she has really become an important person to me. Being a scholarship receipt of the BGHC has brought a lot of opportunities for me.


Saroya has helped me to meet other black girls who have similar interests in hockey, I got to go to Rink of Dreams, and I got to do a bunch of other fun stuff! What is really cool is now I get to see someone that looks like me that loves hockey and is a real professional hockey player. This makes me believe that I can do that too! I can call or text Saroya if I need any hockey advice and she encourages me and gives me tips on being confident on the ice. 

Saroya makes me feel that I am important and that she really wants to help . We have zoom calls to talk about how we can help each other. Saroya helps me to feel that I can be a leader."




Whitby, ON  |   Leaside U18 AA

"To be a part of the Saroya Strong mentorship program has meant the world to me. The program has provided so many young girls with the support they didn't even realize they needed, myself included. Being a female in a male dominated sport, you are already put in a much tougher position than others. The opportunities are not the same nor is the respect people have for you. But being a black female in a white male dominated sport is even tougher. You have so many things going against you that sometimes you feel alone in this never ending  battle. Saroya has worked so hard to even out the battlefield and she has made it that much easier to continue fighting through all the adversity. 


The Saroya strong program is just like a family. We all support each other in our hard times and celebrate each other's successes no matter how big or small. Saroya works so hard day in and day out to help provide us all with amazing opportunities such as working with Uninterrupted, going to the rink of dreams etc. She is a selfless person who is always thinking of others and has devoted her time to opening doors for young black girls in hockey. Saroya is truly an inspiration to us all to be a better hockey player, teammate and person. She also encourages us to pursue all our passions and chase all our dreams no matter what, and with that encouragement she provides us with the knowledge that she will always support us to the fullest. I can not put into words just how much being a part of the mentoring program and getting to know saroya has meant to me.


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