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Dayton O'Donoghue: NHL Power Players bringing fresh ideas for new generation of hockey fans

Dayton O'Donoghue, a 17-year-old aspiring NCAA Division I hockey player from Toronto, is a first-time participant in the program after having been featured in the NHL's Fan Skills competition in April. O'Donoghue caught the eyes of the judges for her stickhandling videos and will now get the opportunity to influence the sport as a Power Player. She hopes to see "Student Nights" at NHL games that would offer lower priced tickets for students and create the opportunity to bring the game to more young fans.

"My passion for hockey extends much further than the confines of an arena," O'Donoghue said. "I am passionate about helping to grow the game and to make it as fun, inclusive and dynamic as possible. I believe that the NHL Power Players will offer me a platform to help shape the future of hockey, listen to other passionate players' perspectives, and learn and strategize on how we can collaboratively help make the game even better for everyone.

I believe it is essential to evolve in all areas of life, and I would like to promote all that hockey can offer my generation -- A generation that is more open to welcoming everlasting change. It's important to broaden perspectives about the game because I believe that there are many who are not truly familiar with hockey who don't realize that there's more to the sport than just being on the ice."

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